Liberale Judische Gemeinde Hamburg

Our community

We shape Jewish life in Hamburg in a way that is diverse, multicultural and in close contact with our Christian and Muslim neighbours and fellow Hamburg residents.

The aim: “Back to our Jewish roots
Regular Shabbat and holiday services, religious instruction and teaching about Jewish history and Judaism. We celebrate Jewish festivals with delicious kosher dishes. And we are always happy to see guests! For information about upcoming events, please see our calendar, where you can also find our monthly flyer.

Integration as our aim: “We live in Germany
We offer a range of different group activities, including dance, music and information groups, as well as teaching German, computer and Internet skills, which all aid the integration of children, young people and also older members of our community. Of course, we can also provide support when attending appointments with the German authorities, or when it comes to filling in forms and applications. We facilitate the interaction between Jewish and non-Jewish members of our society with the aim of enabling our members to communicate with the wider German-speaking population and establish new friendships.

Our aim of teaching about Jewish culture and traditions: “Culture links us with one another
Maintaining and cherishing our culture links us all. We have a Jewish choir (liturgy), Jewish theatre and music groups, activities for children and young people, the Klezmerlech choir and we host film screenings.

And much more!