Liberale Judische Gemeinde Hamburg


Membership of the community

Any person considered Jewish under halakha may apply to become a member of our community. Halachic Jews are people who have a Jewish mother, or have undergone conversion to Judaism before a recognised beit din.

Joining the Friends of LJGH

Non-Jews are also very welcome in our community. Provided their religious convictions do not prevent it, we welcome family members of our community; people with a Jewish father; Friends and sponsors of the community to join us for community events. People who join the Friends of LJGH can receive a discount on events, just like members, and will also receive information about the community via our mailing list.

Subscription rules, 26/11/2013

Any member of the community or Friend of LJGH is obliged to pay the membership fee (monthly fee) established by the general meeting.

Employees: €20
Employed married couples with children: €20
Persons on a reduced income: €10
Persons receiving state benefits: €1
Students/trainees: €5
Children/young people (school age):€ —

The management committee establishes the membership fee. For active members of the community undertaking voluntary work, the management committee has the right to reduce the fee. If a member pays less than the standard fee stipulated in the subscription rules without the prior approval of the management committee, the fee is deemed unpaid. A member may be excluded by management committee vote if the membership fees are more than six months in arrears (Section 4, item 4 of the Articles of Association).

Should you wish to end your membership, all you have to do is inform us briefly in writing. We hope that this will very rarely be the case, but it is possible to leave at any time. In such cases, any overpayment of membership fees shall be reimbursed without delay.

Would you like to become a member or a Friend of LJGH? Download the application form (pdf) here.